Cocktail Collection: Grapefruit and Bergamot Candle

Looking for the perfect gift? The Cocktail Collection provides two gifts in one. The wood wick creates a soothing crackling sound while fresh scents invigorate the senses. Best of all, once the candle is done, the glass can be reused for ones favorite cocktail. 

Enjoy the freshness of lemon mixed with uplifting grapefruit with notes of bergamot. 

  • Soy Wax from the U.S. 
  • Burn time: 75 hours
  • Dermatologically tested, skin safe
  • Domestically sourced wood wicks
  • 100% phthalate free
  • Lower melting point, will not burn or stain if spilled
  • Poured into a 12 oz. rocks glass
  • Screenprinted with 22k gold

$ 60.00